Since 1995, Friends has supported OFCB Ministries, joining the local Haitian non-profit in its mission to create healthy, empowered communities throughout the Bayonnais region.

Following the vision of OFCB Ministries, we are thankful to be a part of the many successful programs that are now thriving in Bayonnais. 


At the core of OFCB Ministries and its work is faith. The l’Eglise Evangelique de Bayonnais – or the Christian Church of Bayonnais – was one of OFCB Ministries’ first developments. Built in 1995, the non-denominal church has become a beacon of hope to the community. The church seeks to show local parishioners love and understanding, helping them feel God’s presence even in times of extreme hardship. The church focuses on celebrating God’s people and uplifting the spirits of the entire community. 


In the Bayonnais region, reliable access to food is difficult. Farming has been a challenge for the Bayonnais people who do not have the proper tools or resources to successfully farm with the rocky soil, hilled landscape and dry conditions. 

In 2012, OFCB Ministries started a community garden as a first step towards creating an agronomy program. Today, the agronomy program has grown immensely. It includes workshops that teach local farmers modern farming techniques. It practices soil conservation and erosion control. It monitors environmental quality, runs composting programs, and operates a small store where local farmers can access the right seed, fertilizer and insecticides. The program has yielded large increases in food production.  


Education is one of the biggest reducers of poverty. However, education in Haiti is not free. Most schools are private, and many families cannot afford tuition. Not to mention, these private schools are often far away in larger cities. For many years, children in the Bayonnais region had to leave their homes to complete their studies in another city. 

In 1995, OFCB Ministries opened the Institute Classique de Bayonnais, a K-13 school in the Bayonnais region. Today, thanks to donations and student sponsorships from generous donors and partner organizations, the school instructs over 2,200 students across three campuses. 

Medical Care

Like education, medical and dental care has been largely inaccessible to the Bayonnais people. Proper care is often too expensive or too far away to access.

In 2012, OFCB Ministries opened the Bethesda Health Center of Bayonnais. The clinic, which includes an in-house pharmacy and laboratory, is run by local doctors and nurses and provides medical and dental services. It’s open five days a week and on weekends if needed, serving approximately 80,000 people, or 200 patients a month.

The clinic also operates a mobile clinic, traveling two or more hours to remote areas on foot where care is inaccessible. Medications are offered at no or low-costs and pregnant women receive free lab testing, blood pressure medication and prenatal vitamins.

Special Projects

Together, Friends Empowering Haiti and OFCB Ministries are focused on improving the quality of life for residents in the Bayonnais region. As such, they are continually developing ideas that will enhance life and safety in the community. Many projects are envisioned because of OFCB Ministries’s committed leadership, and are often supported through funding and collaboration with Friends Empowering Haiti, churches, civic groups and other international aid organizations. Special projects, like infrastructure, technology, transportation and hunger relief are established as needed to meet emerging needs and provide ongoing resources. These projects are implemented in partnership with OFCB Ministries and include many already successfully completed initiatives like road and bridge projects completed in 2019.